From a tiny farm in Idaho to every living room on the planet, we take a look at how an unassuming (and still relatively unknown) man named Philo T. Farnsworth brought us a little invention called the Television. Also in this episode: Mark’s road trip, the Portland jet boat tour, the crazy-ass Gotthard Tunnel opening in Switzerland, “Ruin My Search History,” octopuses have alien DNA, US scientists grow human organs in pigs, Fat Axl memes, and nobody ever appreciates a good “Body of Evidence” reference. Enjoy!

But seriously, this opening ceremonies is completely bonkers:

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One comment on “#45 – The Farnsworth Invention

  1. Both men, in different ways, might be considered the fathers of television. Farnsworth, working on his own in San Francisco, was the first to transmit a moving image, while Sarnoff saw and quickly developed the technology’s potential as a cultural and commercial phenomenon.

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