Portland radio legend Daria Eliuk (formerly Daria O’Neill) visits us to talk about her radio career, the changes radio has gone through during the 2000s, muckbang videos, Insectaurs, and much, much more on this special episode of the show. There would have been news, but Todd forgot to press record. Oops.

Douglas Engelbart is not a household name, but you owe much of what you do in day-to-day life to him. He invented modern computing, and by 1968 he had the vision to predict what our lives would look like today. Hear his story on today’s episode. All that, and the Unipiper talks anime screenings and Harry Potter symphonies! Also: Ringling Bros. Circus calls it quits, new DB Cooper evidence, new Lady Liberty coins, FB wants to control our thoughts, goat yoga, and Mark tells a bonkers story about performing with the circus. Enjoy!

Portland at the Movies is a hilarious new podcast that takes an in-depth look at some of the questionable movies made in and around Portland (think How Did This Get Made with movies filmed in Portland). Our first episode centers on the made-for-TV Disney Channel movie Halloweentown, filmed in St. Helens, Oregon. Join us for a funny look at a deeply confusing Halloween classic, where we discuss everything from a little town’s inherent cruelty towards children to the nonsensical monsters and characters that inhabit Halloweentown.