How quickly can Amazon Prime Now deliver milk, Oreos, root beer, and a classic Spirograph game? Dang fast. Also – It’s OK to not be offended about everything, the return of the “I Barely Knew Her” sounder, filthy celiacs and gluten triggers, “Air-tarians” and eating the sun, Tesla/Musk news, Todd thinks the McDonald’s guy is a robot, magnetic wormholes, Portland’s ugliest bridge, and Hassan delivers our Amazon Prime Now order in under a half hour. Stream, download, or subscribe!

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One comment on “#9 – I Demand a Spirograph – STAT!

  1. Bravo for the Mark and Toddcast! It just always cracks me up to hear Carl Sagan on autotune. Plus, Spirograph. “We are all connected….” Such fun – Love the Elon Musk theme music also.


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