There’s a historic total solar eclipse coming up later this year, so we take this opportunity to talk about the various types and phases of solar and lunar eclipses. Spoilers: the sun will melt your eyes right out of your face, so don’t just look through a hole in a piece of paper. We also talk to the Unipiper about anarchist potholes and freestyle mustaches! Also: “Grimm” sale, storing data on single atoms, Waze vs. city traffic planners, gluten-free your way to diabetes, Voodoo Donuts goes LA, Ramses II statue discovered, Mona Lisa’s smile, female shark eats male shark for bumping into her, and a regurgitated story about Inky the Octopus’s brave escape from the aquarium #neverforget.

How Music Taste Evolved: Every Top 5 Pop Hit from 1958-2016

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