The “Internet of Things” is a term both vague and exact, and it will be running all of our lives very soon. What exactly is it? How will it intertwine itself in our lives? Will Todd ever secretly order his shame-pizza using the internet of things? We discuss it all in this week’s episode. Also: The Unipiper talks Battlestar Galactica screenings & trendy ampersands, can pirating a movie be ethical?, the Inauguration Speech’s 27 new words, the transfer of the POTUS social media, Louis CK plays Ground Kontrol, “air selfies,” NASA adjusts the clock, tedious talk about the mechanics of comedy, and a roadway is littered with red Skittles on their way to be turned into cattle feed. Enjoy!

And because I know no one will believe me. Now it has to be in your brain, too.

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