Aluminum used to be so valuable that the French government once displayed bars of it next to the Crown Jewels, and America capped the Washington Monument with 6 pounds of it to brag about its manufacturing prowess and success. Today, aluminum is everywhere from beer cans to airplanes. Find out how that happened on this week’s episode. Also: meeting Tommy Wiseau of “The Room,” popping popcorn with lightning, accidental bad news for bald guys, lobsters use feces to protect themselves, Alaskan government facility DEFINITELY DOES NOT USE MIND CONTROL, KFC perfume and leaked recipe, Domino’s delivery drone, #PastorMark on TV, and the Unipiper joins us for another installment of “Make Portland Weird Again.”

The Cineplex popcorn experiment:

Portland’s Zymoglyphic Museum (of nightmares)
Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 6.33.36 PM

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