Introducing the tardigrade – or “water bear.” A seemingly indestructible little creature, it can’t be frozen or burned or starved or reasoned with, and it’s probably in your backyard (and in space) right now. Also on the show: If fat is essentially tasteless, why does it make everything taste so good?, attending live TV show tapings, Henrick Ibsen/Henry Gibson, Paula Deen’s Sheen and the Lipidy Binders, hair mayonnaise, “the bends” will give you the creeps, chokes, staggers, and the vapors, and what really happens to a body in space with no space suit. Enjoy the show, and watch out for water bears!

Sure, the little guy looked like this in the microscope:

But in actuality, it’s going to suck out your very soul:

And if that weren’t enough, these are the little critters that are living all over your skin.

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One comment on “#32 – Tardigrades – or, “Little Manatees Wearing Terrifying Gas Masks”

  1. Brian Mar 11, 2016

    Brilliant choice for closing the show. I always think of Monty Python’s Galaxy Song along with that one:

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