In space, no one can hear you 3D print. This episode takes us to Mars, where we’ve just found water (but can’t touch because of actual, literal “Space Laws”) and where scientists wants to print 3D houses made of ice. Also, what makes a “Dad Joke,” growing ears on mice, the possible effects of 3D printing in everyday life, cast-arm stink, Cannybots, a letter from a listener about the Hanford Nuclear site, and “How We Got To Now.” Enjoy! Stream, download, or subscribe!


Cannybot Kickstarter:

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4 comments on “#14 – Space Printing — IN 3D!

  1. Kickstarter video won’t play…

    Todd, please fix it; I’m too lazy to go to the Kickstarter page, I mean, I already clicked on your link. Isn’t that enough!?

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