In which we explore an explosive example of surface tension in glass, as well as explore what it’s like to be hydrophobic. Also: Todd gets a mail-in ticket, the burrito pencil holder, Portland’s Joan of Arc statue, horse statue lies, system of measurements based on mosquitos, Prince Rupert’s Drop/Dutch Tears, exploring Nev-R-Wet and hydrophobia, “Too hipster for a mustache,” seizure skydiving, bridge-building drones, and some Musk-ing up. Enjoy!!


Joan of Arc statue:

Bridge-building quadracopters:

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2 comments on “#13 – Dutch Tears and Hydrophobia

  1. Hey, this is really good! I am with you as you adventure through this experiment.

    I think my brother found this podcast by accident, since my other brother and I are named Mark and Tod.

    And we were born in Portland.

    Good job!

    • Todd Werkhoven Oct 19, 2015

      Ha! Although you’re the elusive “one d” Tod. We’ll have to have a duel at some point. Thanks for listening!

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