This episode Mark dives into some of the old and new internet scams that are making the rounds. In addition, we talk about our new video series with the Unipiper called “Bins Worthy” and let you know where you can find it before its official release! Also discussed: NASA’s most/least realistic movies list, Necco Wafers are back!, half mammal/half reptile found in Utah, the plague is in Idaho, dust storm on Mars shuts down NASA rover, and the 10 millionth US patent is approved.

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2 comments on “#116 – “Bins Worthy” And Other Scams

  1. Heidi Jun 20, 2018

    GUYS! Jude Law. Not Ewan McGregor. I’m your fact checker.

  2. Heidi Jun 20, 2018

    Here’s more info on Patent # 10,000,000 – it went to laser stuf,f haha. Since I’m a paralegal at a patent law firm, I nerded out over the story.

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