There are 7 different “Body Farms” – special areas designated by research scientists to study the decomposition of bodies to aid in the forensic analysis of unsolved crimes — located in the U.S. So what exactly goes on there? And how does a body farm get bodies? Plus, we take a close look at RCA’s “Selectron Disk,” (called a “Capacitance Electronic Disc,”) an analogue movie format from the early 80s that stored sound and picture on vinyl disks that played with a physical stylist. Also, the Unipiper calls in to throw shade at a certain celebrity who posted a Unipiper picture without credit. Scandal! This week’s news covers: self-driving shuttle crash, the “Vocktail,” Bill Gates’s “Smart City,” IBMs Watson diagnosis, Uber/NASA’s flying car plan, and a Portland cadaver company is raided by the FBI. In other news, Portland has a cadaver company. Enjoy!

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